Welcome! (What exactly am I doing here?)

Sam Currie


Sarocu has been in the works for a while now and it's finally open for business so I wanted to take a moment to write up the reasons and motivations for this company to exist.

I founded Sarocu in 2019 for a couple of reasons with some ideas of what I wanted to accomplish that I'd like to share with you here, including what my goals are for this company in 2020 (and beyond), who Sarocu is trying to serve, and how we're going to help make them be awesome at what they do.

So first off, the folks Sarocu is dedicated to serving are the "good guys" - the people making this world a more sustainable place. My background has been in energy and buildings (and software for 'em) and throughout my career I've met an incredible number of individuals and organizations that are themselves dedicated to helping make this a better place to live in - and they don't just say it, they believe it and live it. Now that I have my own company, I want clients that I respect and admire and who, put simply, do good things. The good thing about living in 2019 is that there are an enormous number of people who fall into that camp so I think that goal is going to be easy to achieve.

Alright, enough grandiloquence for now - to be more specific I am trying to serve the energy and building industries. Energy engineers, codes and standards folks, and building energy efficiency experts.

Looking forward into 2020 I have a couple of specific things I want to accomplish. First on that list is to launch an early version of Superplus, my data analytics app for energy professionals. The very first iteration will include a weather service for producing historical weather data files for OpenStudio and EnergyPlus modeling which will launch in January. Second, I am building a consultancy business to focus on software for the energy efficiency industry. To that end, 2020 is off to a good start and I have a couple of great partners going into the new year.

Finally, my ultimate goal is to build a sustainable business - one that's profitable (well it has to be since this is a bootstrapped company) as well as a great place to work at.