Introducing SuperStudio

Sam Currie


Pleasant automation for OpenStudio wrapped up in a cross-platform CLI for generating standards based models, working with FloorspaceJS, and general OpenStudio scripting

SuperStudio - pleasant OpenStudio automation

I'd like to introduce SuperStudio - the first package for what will eventually be SuperPlus, a modeling and simulation environment that's pleasant, cheap and accessible.

What's this thing?

SuperStudio is a CLI used to automate energy model development by incorporating the best parts of the OpenStudio ecosystem, including OpenStudio-Standards and FloorspaceJS.

Who's it for?

Anyone doing energy modeling professionally or in the process of learning. SuperStudio's goal is to automate many of the technical tasks that take up a ton of time.

What's the state?

This project is brand new; the CLI is open sourced under an MIT license so if you're interested (and a Ruby developer) feel free to get in touch. It's not considered production ready at this time but if you need this kind of project in your life, please open issues on Github with enhancement ideas or bugs.

The Goods

Check out the repo here