Batteries Included


Developing features that solve your customer's problems should be the focus of development - at the same time there are so many little things required to get a modern web app to run; auth, proxies, blah blah

Welcome! (What exactly am I doing here?)


Sarocu has been in the works for a while now and it's finally open for business so I wanted to take a moment to write up the reasons and motivations for this company to exist.

Introducing SuperStudio


Pleasant automation for OpenStudio wrapped up in a cross-platform CLI for generating standards based models, working with FloorspaceJS, and general OpenStudio scripting

Lessons Learned from SOC2 Compliance Projects


Helpful insight for preparing for the audit or just upgrading the security culture of your business

Adding Super Powers to FloorSpaceJS


Integrate OpenStudio-Standards into FloorSpaceJS to Speed Up Model Development

Dockerizing Your OpenStudio Workflow


Use Docker Containers to Automate your Workflow and Provide Portability for OpenStudio